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Concerto for Lily - Carátula Concerto for Lily

Recorded live on July 13th 2002 in our Chestnut Studio in Castaño del Robledo.


Concerto for Lily Part One (mp3, 16'45"; 38,3MB)
Concerto for Lily Part Two (mp3, 23'35"; 54,0MB)
Concerto for Lily Part Three (mp3, 21'56"; 50,2MB)
Samba pá mí (1'02"; 2,38MB)
Carátulas (PDF; 980KB)



Lily goes to Cortegana - Carátula Lily goes to Cortegana

recorded on April 16th 2004 at the Capitol Theatre in Cortegana.


Lily Goes to Cortegana (mp3, 1:00'42"; 138MB)
Lily's Dream (mp3, 11'34"; 26,5MB)
La Chanson du Roland (mp3, 3'53"; 8,89MB)
Carátulas (PDF; 829KB
Lily goes to Cortegana, video (wmv, 1:01'48"; 489 MB)



Carátula Catedral Concierto para una Catedral Inacabada


Covers (PDF; 2,20 Mb)

Video, Teatro Municipal Ecija, Oktober 7th 2006. (Wmv 338 Mb; 41'01")

Mp3, "Conservatorio Superior", Córdoba on september 21th of 2008. (Mp3 111 Mb; 48'29")



Video of the "Pocket Edition" in  La Algaba Lilicana

Extract from the "Pocket Edition" concert on November 17th 2006 in La Algaba. (Avi 68,9 Mb; 9'37")



Liliaturas 1-2007 Liliaturas 1-2007

Liliaturas 1-2007 from the CD "abecedaria" in mp3 (12,9 Mb)


Extract from Abecedaria Journey to the countryside (15.1..2007, Los Palacios)

Concertino in 5 parts: Steam train - Tradional Song - on the countryside - Thunderstorm - Streetparade (Avi 27,5 Mb; 8'28")



Download the dossier Dossier

The Dossier in pdf.



El dossier de la charla - concierto Dossier of the lecture

The dossier in PDF (spanish)




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