Gerhard Illi

His instrument: the drums


The drumset


For the most people a drum set is only a rhythm instrument. But it is actually a great source for marvellous sounds which avoid the dictates of the twelve tones. If we also take in consideration that we can extend the set at will, we have nearly infinite possibilities of creation. I always looked up for sounds which fitted perfectly into my musical imagination instead of trusting into a label. Only in this way I’m provided with the necessary tools for converting my sound worlds in an audible reality. The only thing that counts is the experience of sound.

Apart from the usual drums and cymbals I added instruments from the most various percussive traditions. I also incorporated an electronical drum set and a sampler for extending the creation of sounds. A very important fact is that I must be able to play all these instruments really live, so I can translate the vibrations and feelings in music.



The complete drum set
The complete drum set. In the foreground are steeldrums and a set of gamelan gongs. In the middle one can see the electronic drums and the sampler pad.

Plan of the drum set
The legend for the plan