Gerhard Illi

The drum set and his evolution in the modern music


At the beginning of the concert - lecture
At the beginning of the concert - lecture the individual parts of the drum set are distributed over the whole stage. In the further process they are fitted together to form a complete Drum set.


If something reflects the modern music, then it is surely the rhythmization of the same, beginning from the ragtime until to the Drum & bass, the last reduction to the rhythmic foundation. This is helped. by developing a new instrument, the drum set, and its further development both in the Design and in the way how it is played. That concert - lecture is intended particularly for middle schools. In the year 2007 it forms part of the program Abecedaria of the ministries for education and culture of the junta de Andalucía.


The rudimentals
The rudimentals


Due to the importance of the rhythm generally and the drums in particular in the today's music, the concert - lecture would like to represent an introduction to this area. The goal is it not only to know the individual parts, which form a drum set, but also to understand their specific function it in different music styles.


The classical Drumset
The Bebop and the classical Drumset



The whole drumset
The whole drumset at the end



The concert - lecture takes one hour. In his course a complete drum set will be fitted together from the individual parts


Gerhard Illi gets his high-school diploma in 1970. In the same year he wins a price as best Free - jazz drummer at the international jazz festival in Zurich. The next 3 years he studies at „the University for Music and Interpretative Arts” in Graz. Among other things he enrols for composition of contemporary electronic music, music history of both the classical music and the Jazz, and above all, classical and jazz drums. In 1974 he moves to Duesseldorf, where he works with different groups. Tours and concerts through Europe. The first concert - lectures on the jazz at middle schools. Since 1980 he lives in Spain. He performs during years with his drum solo show. 1996 he founds KÉdKÉ, a all-pure Rock group with which he helds concerts - lectures about Rock’n Roll. At the moment he dedicates himself completely to the project „From Illinoise with Love “. In 2002 he released a CD called “From Illinoise with Love – Concerto for Lily” and two years later released a follow up DVD, entitled “Lily goes to Cortegana”. He collaborated on two editions of “Free and Tapas” at the “Confluencias” festival which featured on a double CD by the Junta de Andalucía. He also played at the “LEM” festival of Barcelona in 2004, “Sensxperiment” at Lucena also in 2004, Huelva’s “Confluencias” festival in 2005, Festival de Jazz de la Universidad de Sevilla 2007 (from which exists a live-cd with his "Concierto para una Catedral Inacabada") and Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granda 2007. He was part of the “Programa de Fomento y Cooperación Cultural 2006”, organized by the provincial government of Seville. In the autumn 2007 he gives his educational concert „The drum set and his evolution in the modern music” in 20 andalusian theatres within the “ABECEDARIA” program of the Junta de Andalucía.



The complete drum set at the end of the concert - lecture.